Common Questions, Answered!

Common Questions, Answered!

Did you know the energy from the sun is enough to handle the world’s power needs for an entire year after only an hour and a half of sunlight? More people than ever are taking advantage of this renewable resource and Southeast Power, conveniently located in Garner, NC, can help you harness this energy for whatever your needs are. There are a few common questions that seem to come up time and time again, so we decided to answer them for you!

What exactly is Solar Energy?
Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun. It is a clean renewable source of energy that has been around for 4 billion years and scientists estimate it will be around for another 5 billion years. This energy is harnessed from the sun using solar panels and converted into electricity that can power your home or appliances.

What are the benefits of Solar Energy?
Solar energy is a clean alternative to traditional methods of producing energy and once installed solar panels do not produce any waste or pollution. There are also many documented financial incentives from both the State and the Federal Governments to those who make the switch to solar energy. If tied into the grid, known as net metering, you can sell excess energy produced back to the energy company.

Do Solar Panels require a lot of maintenance?
Very little maintenance is required to keep your system producing power. In most cases the natural weather patterns will be sufficient to keep your panels clear.

How long will the Solar Panels last?
The solar panels, once installed by the experts at Southeast Power, are expected to last no less than 25 years. Over the lifetime of the system you can not only earn back the cost of your panels, but also make a profit on energy sold back to your utility company.

When should I switch to Solar Energy?
Immediately! The time to switch to solar energy is now. Between financial incentives, the lowering cost of the materials and myriad options to finance the panels, there has never been a better time to invest in your energy independence.

Converting to solar power can seem complicated and full of pitfalls but our expert technicians can make sure that you experience a smooth transition. Let Southeast Power help you take advantage of this free, infinite source of power. Call us today at 919-771-2901!