The Importance of Backup Power Sources

The Importance of Backup Power Sources

Depositphotos_72718089_originalIf a major storm were to hit your area would your company be prepared for a power outage? If your facilities have refrigerated items or your company relies on credit cards as a method of payment (which most places do nowadays) would they prepared for it? As sustained power failure becomes more frequent, is there any reason why your company should not invest in a back up generator?

The problem today is not that most companies do not have backup power, the problem is that these companies do not usually know how to use these generators. During the Northeast blackout in 2003, New York City’s 58 hospitals had backup generators in place but even with these generators in place the hospital’s backup power failed. The generators were in place but the hospital’s lack of knowledge on the amount of generators needed and how the generators would perform in an emergency situation was the cause of backup failure.

Now is a better time than ever to determine whether or not your facility should invest in backup power (most, if not all should). Although power failures from national grids are not predictable, they should still be expected. Complete blackouts are less common but of course, still happen from time to time. When power outages do happen, they can last for extended periods of times and could ultimately cause a complete shutdown within your facility; for example you facility would not be able to use things such as refrigeration, computers, alarm systems, etc.

As blackouts and power outages become more frequent, companies like Southeast Power emerge to help ease the stress of purchasing, installing, and learning about your generator. Preparation is the best and only way to defend yourself and your facility from blackouts.  Many commercial facilities and homes do things such as call power companies to come and assess their facility. These companies are looking for what kind of generator you would need, how much power it would to put out, and they would also show you how to use it when the time comes.

Southeast Power covers off the grid living and cost efficiency by developing solar panels for homes and businesses. Solar panels may be their main niche, but if someone felt as though now was the time that they needed to prepare for sudden blackouts and outages, Southeast Power is who they should call.  As technology advances and electronic depency only increases, a backup generator could make or break your business. Do not break, call Southeast Power.