Why Solar Power Makes Cents!

Why Solar Power Makes Cents!

Solar panels can be one of the best investments you make on your home or business. Not only will you enjoy the immediate effects of lower energy bills but it will add value to your home or business. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) found that homebuyers are willing to pay significantly more for a solar powered home. There’s also the benefit of getting credit back for the energy you don’t use by sending it back through your meter. This is called Net Metering. For example, generally during the day your system will generate excess which can allow for Net Metering. You will also be avoiding the price fluctuations of unreliable energy companies. The increase in property value along with immediate energy savings, Net Metering and not having to worry about energy companies price increases or fluctuations makes solar energy a great investment.

Besides the long term financial benefits of installing Solar Panels, going solar has become easy and convenient. The amount of Solar Power needed can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and meet the energy demands of your home or business. Solar panels can be used anywhere electricity is used. Southeast Power will also work with our customers to reduce your electrical consumption in simple and easy ways. This could allow for smaller less expensive panels or more Net Metering. Solar panels are low maintenance, durable and have a 25 year power warranty from the manufacturer. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof or on the ground with ground mounts. Most solar power systems come without batteries but you can add a system with a battery back up or if you simply want to store energy. Of course there’s also the environmental benefit, solar power systems are clean power systems,  solar energy is renewable, abundant, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Whether it’s residential solar power or commercial solar power. Going Solar just makes sense.

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