Solar Panel Maintenance Keeps Cost Down!

Solar Panel Maintenance Keeps Cost Down!

When it comes to solar panels, fall is about more than just pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters. Knowing how to maintain your solar panels year round will keep your solar panel system running smoothly for years to come!

Clean Your Solar Panels

With daylight hours growing shorter this autumn, keeping solar panels clean will help you get the most bang for your buck. To work properly, solar panels must be cleared of any debris to maximize efficiency. Be sure to remove any fallen leaves and branches from solar panel surfaces, but a little dust and dirt won’t really hurt. Think about how you tan. You want to avoid tan lines, but a layer of sunscreen will still leave you with a nice glow! Your solar panels work the same way.

Tilt Your Solar Panels

During the summer and winter months, changing the angle of your solar panels is obvious, but during the autumn and spring months, a less significant tilt to solar panels can help maximize efficiency as well! Experts suggest finding the midpoint between the two extremes. Let’s say you set the angle to around 78 degrees in the winter and 38 degrees in the summer. That means during the autumn and spring months you should adjust the angle to approximately 58 degrees.

Making the Most of Solar Panel Energy

Keeping your home’s energy costs down and the efficiency of your solar panels up doesn’t have to be rocket science. Autumn weather affords us the chance to switch off the a/c and heat to give our solar panels a chance to recharge! Next time you’re cold, grab a sweater. If you’re hot, reach for the fan before you turn on the air conditioner. With a few simple tricks and a little math and adjustments, your solar panels will operate with maximum efficiency this autumn and all year long!

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