Residential Solar


Using solar for all or part of your home’s electrical needs makes sense. Grid-tied residential solar systems are less expensive than ever and reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from your local utility. In North Carolina we use NC Green Power and you are able to sell part or all of your power at a Premium. Your residential solar system will produce reliable, clean power to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and contribute to a healthier environment. Solar electric systems are quiet, operate automatically, require very little maintenance and need no fuel except sunshine!


Installing a PV system is also a capital improvement to your home or business (and is therefore exempt from sales tax). But unlike other real property improvements, a residential solar system generates electricity and thus an ongoing cash flow, by directly reducing your electricity bills for the next 25 or more years. The initial capital investments and subsequent cash flow benefits make a home solar system comparable to other long term, purely financial investments.


Southeast Power offers installation services for homeowners and businesses in North Carolina and the South East. Southeast Power also offers homeowners and businesses grid-tied solar systems, off-grid home solar systems and UL approved solar products through our nationwide network of professional, qualified solar installers. Southeast Power offers home owners many benefits:

  • Quality installation by a solar expert
  • After sales service and system warranties
  • Help utilizing your State’s incentives
  • Turn key solar solutions including all paper work filings

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