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The sun supplies a tremendous amount of free energy. We can help you take advantage of this free, infinite source of power through technologies such as solar photovoltaics, solar pumping, solar thermal, and solar lighting. No matter what your energy demands, we can professionally design and install a system that is reliable, safe and that makes good financial sense.


More North Carolina Residents Choose Solar Power Systems

POSTED ON Apr 03, 18 | NEWS

More North Carolina residents are choosing solar panels and solar power systems than ever before. According to a new report out by the Solar Energy Industries Association, North Carolina ranks second in the nation in generating solar power, only behind the state of California. Homeowners and business owners in cities like Raleigh and Garner are […]

Now Is The Time To Invest In Solar Panels

POSTED ON Feb 28, 18 | NEWS

For the majority of days in any calendar year in North Carolina, the sun likes to shine. Although there are four seasons in North Carolina, and there are plenty of rainy days and a few snow days even, most days include an ample amount of sun in them. A lot of homeowners in cities, like […]


Using solar for all or part of your home's electrical needs makes sense. Grid-tied residential solar systems are less expensive than ever and reduce...


Business owners can count on Southeast Power to help them reduce or eliminate their facility’s electric bill with a commercial solar electric system...


With the addition of solar energy on military bases, the military would be armed with operational power assured to give our force the "tactical edge"...

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Many buildings today with comfort issues suffer from poor HVAC design or equipment installation. Southeast Power offers Performance...