How Solar Panels Survive Severe Weather

How Solar Panels Survive Severe Weather

You have finally decided to go solar! As a North Carolina homeowner or business owner, you have decided to take advantage of solar energy as a way to power your home or business and lower utility costs. You have made a wise investment that will pay for itself in just a matter of time, and you join thousands of others in harvesting cleaner energy.

Then hurricane season comes along.

Recently, Hurricane Florence blew through North Carolina, leaving a wide path of destruction, from millions of dollars in structural damage from high winds, and an even higher dollar amount in flood damages. Homeowners and business owners who have solar panels attached to their homes and businesses may be concerned about the investment they made. Fortunately, the majority of solar panels installed in North Carolina are built extremely tough. Manufacturers of solar panel systems take into account weather elements like high winds and hail that have the potential to wreak havoc on property when they assemble solar panels.

Some states require that solar panels be able to withstand a certain wind point, all over 100 mph. In a study of over 3,000 solar panels done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the panels were hit violently with a simulated hail storm. Of all 3,000 panels, only one was damaged.

Solar panels can be damaged by hurricane weather, but it is unlikely. Solar panels are built to withstand severe weather. Some homeowners and business owners worry that even if their solar panels are not damaged, that their roof may be damaged due to the panels. Solar panel installers bolt solar panels on rooftops in ways to avoid such damage.

If you are concerned about damage to your solar panel system after Hurricane Florence, DO NOT mess with the panels yourself. You do not know the amount of power going through the panels at any given time and you could electrocute yourself. If you suspect damage, give the solar panel professionals at Southeast Power a call, and one of our skilled technicians will come out and inspect your system for you. Solar panel systems are built as tough as the people of North Carolina. They will make it through anything the Atlantic throws at them. Give us a call today at (919) 771-2901.