Can Solar Panels Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter?

Can Solar Panels Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter?

Now that summer is winding down and the weather is getting cooler, you may be looking ahead to the winter months and wondering if those solar panels you had installed recently will have any effect on your heating bill once cold weather arrives. The answer is yes! Solar panels can absolutely save you money on your heating bill!

There are generally two types of solar heating systems: active and passive. Active solar heating systems use solar energy collected by solar panels to heat fluid in the form of liquid or air and then transfer that solar heat directly to a storage system for later use or to an interior space in the home for immediate use. While solar panels cannot provide all of the heating in your home, both air and liquid solar heating systems can partner with your forced air system to decrease heating costs. For central heating systems, a liquid solar collector paired with solar panels works best.

In a passive solar heating system, building elements of the house partner with the solar panels to reduce your heating bill. A passive solar heating system will use windows, your walls, roof overhangs, and even your blinds to harness indoor warmth through convection, conduction, and radiation.

Solar panels cannot account for all of your winter heating needs, but a properly planned and installed solar heating system should provide anywhere from 40 percent to 80 percent of the heat you need and reduce your heating bill significantly. Your solar panels will not work efficiently in the winter unless you keep them clear of snow and debris. Also, you may see a decrease in efficiency during winter months when we lose hours of sunlight during the day, however, your solar panels should still harvest enough solar energy for your home. Keeping them uncovered from snow and debris will help.

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