Bet You Didn’t Know They Used Solar Power…

Bet You Didn’t Know They Used Solar Power…

At Southeast Power, our priority is to help people take advantage of the endless and free power source that is the sun! We help provide people with this energy source through solar photovoltaics, solar pumping, solar thermal, and solar lighting.

In the past we’ve discussed what solar power is, how you can save money using it, and even answered commonly asked questions. But we bet you don’t know of places you visit frequently that use solar power. If the various benefits to using solar power aren’t enough to make you switch, maybe these stores being solar power enthusiasts, will!

Johnson and Johnson
Johnson and Johnson’s solar power capacity is at 18 megawatts which is enough to power 2,700 homes a year.

With over 22 states worth of stores with solar panel, there’s no wondering that Ikea loves
solar power.

Walmart is not only the largest retailer in the nation but it also is one of the largest
consumer of solar power energy, at 145 megawatts and growing!

Target just barely beats Walmart at 147 megawatts of solar panels.

The top retailers that also use solar power include Apple, Costco, Macy’s and Kohl’s and many others. Among companies that use smaller amounts of solar power are L’Oreal, Walgreens, Verizon and Safeway. There’s no denying that this source of energy is growing in popularity, with no signs of stopping.

When it comes to your solar power needs, choose Southeast Power. We can be your one stop shop for all things solar power. Count on us to professionally design and install your system and rest assure that it will be reliable, safe and cost effective! You can trust us to care for your home or businesses as if it were our own.

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