Save Big with Solar Panels

When you look up in the sky, what do you see? The sun, some clouds maybe, a few planes? Let’s rewind back to the sun. The summer months bring warm weather that can raise summer temperatures to the 100’s on some days, making it difficult to be outside without a refreshing oasis of water nearby. […]

Why should you choose Solar Energy?

Before Benjamin Franklin invented electricity, solar energy was there to keep you warm, to help plants grow, and to give off light. And that’s just for starters. The sun is our first and most sustainable source of energy. Solar energy companies have chosen to harness solar energy for many reasons and so should you! Solar […]

Benefit from Solar Power!

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner Southeast Power’s solar panel installments can benefit you greatly. North Carolina-based, Southeast Power is committed to making solar power the financially smart, and environmental choice for everyone. The sun supplies an enormous amount of energy that is going to waste because it is not being harvested and […]

Utilizing The Sun’s Power

All over the world ancient people have adored and appreciated the sun, its warmth and energy, many ancient cultures even worshipped it. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Native Americans sometimes built their homes in a way so that they would store heat during the day and release it at night. The Romans also used the power […]

Why Solar Power Makes Cents!

Solar panels can be one of the best investments you make on your home or business. Not only will you enjoy the immediate effects of lower energy bills but it will add value to your home or business. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) found that homebuyers are willing to pay significantly more for […]

Commercial Solar Power

With electronics developing and “green living” on the rise, is your business acclimated for the change? As solar energy begins to become a “norm” for residential areas, many business owners either are blind to the fact that their business can run on solar energy or they believe that it is fiscally impossible. Most thoughts and […]

Everything You Need To Know About Solar-Powered Homes and Businesses

Ten years ago a solar-powered home/business would be considered an anomaly. With increasing worries about climate change and people searching for ways to save energy and in turn money, residential and commercial solar power has become the new normal. Installing solar panels can decrease your household or business’s carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 […]